Fascia/Soffit Repair

M&G Seamless Gutters and Roofing is an expert in repairing fascia and soffit.

m&g soffit roofing rochester ny
m&g soffit roofing rochester ny


The underside of your roof - this is the part that is exposed under the eave of your home. It is the underside of the part that overhangs the side of your home. Soffits are most commonly made of vinyl. The soffit helps ventilate the attic by the exchange of air through tiny holes. These holes allow air in to your attic, to carry all of the heat and moisture up and out through your roof vents. Learn more about roof vents. Because they perform this vital function, make sure they are installed properly by M&G Seamless Gutters and Roofing.

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The boards that run along your roof line. Fascia protects the exposed edge of your roof by acting as a finished edge encasement. If the roof edge were exposed it would be susceptible to the elements and moisture could get in and seep inbetween roof layers, causing rot and decay.
These two sections are vital to your roof system and they should be well maintained in order to protect the integrity of your roof as a whole.

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